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Starting School - The First Day Tears We Weren't Expecting

Tuesday 5th September 2017 the day our biggest Jellyfish started primary school and we were prepared. Uniform had been bought around four weeks earlier and was ironed and labeled although I did have an unfortunate incident when ironing his name label onto his school tie and melted his tie in the process so we had a mad dash to the school uniform shop the Saturday before school started for a new tie. His summer homework of a 'All about me' book was finished and in his book bag. We were ready.

Ethan was very excited. The school had split the reception class into two groups and they were to do alternate mornings and afternoons for the first week and Ethan was in the group that was starting at 1pm not 9am. From the minute he got up he was asking if it was time for school. I tried to drag out every activity to make it last as long as possible but nothing really worked he was like a child waiting for Christmas.

Around midday after eating lunch at 11:30 I finally gave in and let him …

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