Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pregnant AGAIN!!

I'm actually not expecting Jellyfish number 4 but it is exactly a year to the day since we found out we were expecting Jellyfish number 3, Alice. So I thought I'd share our little roller coaster journey on how we found out about her.

Alice - Jellyfish number 3

It all started with a comment from the hubby which was "You've not had a period in a while, do you think you might be pregnant?" I had had the contraceptive implant fitted back in January so I replied "The implant can stop periods, but I'll take a test to prove I'm not pregnant." I went out and bought a test, when I took it the was no doubt I was pregnant the line came up almost instantly no waiting was needed but between buying the test and taking the test I had started bleeding so we were a little worried.

I called NHS 111 but as no one had heard of someone getting pregnant with the implant nobody knew what to suggest. I was given an out of hours doctors appointment where they confirmed I was in fact pregnant but as the GP on duty had never heard of this happening he had to ring the hospital to find out what to do. The hospital decided I needed a scan to check the pregnancy was viable but being a Sunday the Early Pregnancy Unit was shut so was given the number to call to book an appointment in the morning.

The next morning I dropped the boys off at nursery and headed to work. I didn't know if the Early Pregnancy Unit would fit me in so thought it was best just to go to work and they didn't open till 9 to ring them anyway. At 9 I rang them but they couldn't see me as they didn't have any bloods for me so I needed to go to my GP to get bloods. I then rang the GP and I couldn't have bloods done without actually seeing the GP so from work I went back home to the doctors surgery where I saw a lovely GP who decided the best course of action was to have two blood tests 48 hours apart to check the pregnancy hormone levels were rising. From the GP's I went straight to the hospital for my blood tests, I have really bad veins so I usually go to the Pathology department when I need a blood test as they can use a children's needle and back to the hospital on my lunch break on the Wednesday for a repeat of the blood test.

I was told to ring my GP's on Thursday after 4 as they should have my results. I got a phone call around 3 from one of the doctors at the surgery. He told me that the blood tests had shown my hormone levels dropping rather than doubling like they were meant to and he had booked me in for a scan first thing the next morning to confirm the suspicions that the pregnancy wasn't viable. I just wanted to burst in tears but still had another two hours of work to do. I quickly rung hubby who arranged for the next day off work and for his sister to look after the boys as I didn't want them to come with us as we were expecting bad news,

Friday morning came and we quickly rushed round, got the boys to his sisters and  headed to the hospital. We went for the scan I couldn't look at the screen until the lady said "I can see the heartbeat, you look like your about 12 weeks." Total relief even though we weren't ready to have another baby this little miracle was already on her way. It turns out that my pill had failed so I was already pregnant when my implant was fitted.

Our Pregnancy Announcement - Jellybaby Number 3 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

I wish I was two again!

My second born crazy little monster Oscar turned two. I can't believe he is two already and still totally tiny but solid. He still wears some 9-12 month old clothes which he should have grown out of a year ago. I started writing about all the stress trying to sort a birthday celebrations for a two year old when in the back of my mind I know he won't remember it. On the other hand we celebrated Ethan our eldest sons 2nd Birthday with a trip to East Lancashire Railway for A Day Out With Thomas  as at the time he was totally obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. He had  a really fun day and I wanted to give Oscar an equally fun day.

Daddy and Ethan at Day out with Thomas
Due to the amount of time my husband had to take off work during the summer due to pregnancy compilations with Alice we were unable to take him out for the day on his actual birthday so took him out the day after. As he is totally Fireman Sam mad we decided to take him to Mattel Play! on Liverpool Docks.

Oscar as Fireman Sam - Birthday present from his Nana

The reality of Oscar's birthday day day out is that it was actually our first day out as a family of five. We had previously done small things like trips to the shops and the park but never a full day out. So I didn't back out I made sure I booked in advance and told the boys what we were going to be doing although Oscar didn't really understand, Ethan knew we were visiting Pontypandy, Bob's Workshop and The Island of Sodor. 

We packed the bags for what seems like a week but its surprising how much you need for a baby that needs a bottle every two hours plus spare clothes in case your toilet trained three year old forgets he no longer wears a nappy in the excitement of a day out. Plus our HUGE double buggy for the boys and our baby carrier for Alice. With all that in the car we were on our way. Our first family day out.

One very full car

Our time at Mattel Play! went a lot better than expected. Everything was Oscar's height so there was nothing he couldn't play with. Our biggest problem was keeping up with him while carrying a baby and a huge changing bag. I'd seen before we left that they do daily character appearances either Fireman Sam or Bob the Builder. We were keeping our fingers crossed that it was Fireman Sam that day and we were in luck. The boys got to meet Fireman Sam twice during our playtime.

Oscar and Daddy with Fireman Sam

Ethan with Fireman Sam
You get two hours playtime and the boys played for a solid two hours enjoying all three zones. I don't think we could tell which zone was their favourite as they enjoyed it all. Two hours was exactly the right amount of time Oscar was tired by the time his time was up and had a huge paddy in the cafe as we tried to get his coat on but I'm not surprised he hadn't slept in the car on the way there and he hadn't stopped playing the whole time he was there. I expected Ethan to kick off as well but he quite happily put his coat on as we were meeting Grandad for lunch.

Oscar slept in the pram on the way to Pizza Express in Liverpool One which was lucky as by the time we got to there he was refreshed and ready to eat. I'd planned on taking the pram to the table for Alice so we could eat without having to hold her but it was so busy there was not room so me and hubby took turns in holding her while we ate but after three babies we are both quite used to eating one handed while holding a baby.

We had a great day out I few minor hiccups but nothing major. I actually enjoyed myself and didn't worry too much. A family day out was not as hard as I'd expected we didn't forget anything and the kids all had fun. From the smiles on her face even Alice enjoyed watching her big brothers play. In the end all that matters was that Oscar had a great day out for his birthday, which he did he got to play, meet his hero and eat pizza. What more do you need when you are two, I wish I was two again it seems so much fun.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Breaking Waters And Birthday Cake Guilt

Today is 9th February 2017 and all I can think about today is how my day panned out exactly 2 years ago. I can remember every little detail down to what we ate and what people said to me.

The 9th February 2015 was my first official day of maternity leave. I had left work a lot later than with my previous pregnancy as waited being sat around waiting but I still had a couple of weeks left before baby Oscar was due to make an appearance. I had planned a day with my little sister Cheryl. We we going to my sister in laws to have our hair cut and then shopping to pick up the last little bits I needed for my hospital bag but things were not gong to go to plan.

At about 8 am I dropped my eldest off at nursery as I was getting back in the car my waters broke, yes that's right first day of maternity leave and my waters break. My husband is a lorry driver and that day was due to be about 4 hours away when I managed to get hold of him his drops had been changed last minute and luckily he was only an hour away. I think fate might have had is hand in that. Although my waters had broke I wasn't in labour. My sister came to sit with me and just kept asking 'Are you in pain yet?' and we spent most of the morning sorting things out for her wedding.

When my husband came home we decided to ring the hospital and they gave me an appointment for later that day. as we still had time to kill be drove to KFC for some dinner as I did not want to go to hospital on an empty stomach if I had to stay in, I hate hospital food and really struggle to eat it on the other hand hubby loves it, yes he is that strange. The best meal in hospital I ever has was when I was in labour with my eldest Ethan as I'd moved from the ward to delivery at tea time and been forgot when the midwife rang the kitchen they didn't have much left so made me sausage, chips and beans. I cab remember parking up outside KFC for hubby to ask me to go into order which he was told 'No I feel like I'm peeing myself you can go in.'

After a frantic 1/2 hour trying to pack my hospital bag we made it to hospital to be monitored for a couple of hours and to confirm that my waters had broken. We left hospital be leaflets, temperature sticks ti take my temperature every few hours to monitor for infection and to report back to 7am the next morning.

Back to the present day and I have a dilemma - Birthday cake do I buy one or do I make one. Before I had children I baked lots. In the past I had made birthday cakes for my nephews and my niece but not yet made one for any of my children. For Oscar's birthday last year I bought a decorate your own cake and 'made' him a Ben and Holly cake but this is the closest I have come to making one of my children a birthday cake,

On the back of the guilt of not actually making any of my children a birthday cake I decided to make a Fireman Sam cake in the shape of Jupiter, quite ambitious. I'd checked out pintrest weeks before and today was the day I was making the cake. Self doubt kicked in along with my obsession with not spending loads of money if I can help it and I talked myself out of making the Fireman Sam cake and picked a more simple design which involved lots of sweets and chocolate as decoration. As we only have a small kitchen I went to get all my baking stuff out of the cupboard in the dining room only to find I had every colour of icing to make the Jupiter cake. Now I had everything I had to make that cake it was a sign.

An afternoon of baking followed and to my surprise the cakes turned out perfect, I don'y think it was down to me it was down to our new oven. After a stressful shopping trip to buy last minute birthday presents and balloons. The boys sat in the living room watching a film while Alice watched me decorate cake, she got bored after five minutes and fell asleep. In the end it turned out OK the kids knew it was Jupiter and I didn't feel guilty about not making a cake. I don't know why I haven't made my kids birthday cakes sooner.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Introducing Myself and My Family

I'm Stephanie, I'm nearly 30, a wife to my husband Stephen and mummy to my three little jellyfish Ethan, Oscar and Alice.

I live in the North West of England and I have worked in the energy industry for the last 11 years only taking time off in recent years to have our children. I dropped out of university back in 2006 and have been attempting to complete so form of computing degree ever since which I seem to be failing miserably at. I enjoy crafting and baking but with three children aged three and under its quite a task to find time to do this. My reason for creating this blog was to find a different kind of creative outlet for me to start feeling myself again while on maternity leave.

Me and my husband Stephen have actually been together for 12 years which seem really scary and we have been married for nearly 5. I have spent pretty much all of married life either pregnant or looking after a newborn.

Our Wedding Day - 2012

Now on to my three little jellyfish. Ethan is my eldest born in August 2013. We call him a baby giant he has been massive since he was born actually before then as he was my biggest baby bump. He is funny, clever, very sensitive and highly emotional. He just wants to be grown up, his daddy is his Best Pal and he loves being Daddy's Little Helper.

Baby Ethan

Oscar our 2nd born is a crazy wild little one. He took us totally by surprise by being tiny and we were not prepared for his arrival at all. He didn't want us to wait to meet him and my waters broke on my first day of maternity leave back in February 2015 and he has kept us on our toes ever since.

Baby Oscar
Finally we have Alice our surprise miracle baby, She's just starting show her personality, she loves sleep but likes to make sure we know shes around when she is awake. With both boys loving her to bits I'm sure she'll be ruling the roost in no time.

Baby Alice

Now we are muddling through life as a family of 5, Ethan is 3 1/2, Oscar will be 2 in a few days and Alice 5 months. I'd love to say that I'm a perfect mummy but I'm totally not I scream, shout, cry and hide in the kitchen or bathroom for a little longer than I need to sometimes. Life seems like total chaos 99% of the time and I wish for something a little calmer but this is just the way it is. I hope to give anyone that reads this an honest look at my life with 3 young children and even though it is crazy they are my world.