Thursday, 30 March 2017

She's Not A Baby Anymore

Alice my baby girl is growing up. I hadn't realised how much until this last week well maybe I have noticed but just didn't want to admit that she is no longer a baby.

Alice at around 2 weeks old

There is nothing like meeting a new baby to make you realise how much your own baby has grown up. A few weeks ago we took the Jellyfish to meet there new baby cousin Florence. Although there wasn't a lot of difference in size Florence and Alice. Alice was a lot more filled out, stronger and so much more aware of her surroundings.

Alice at 6 months old

Over the past few weeks Alice seems to have grown up loads. We been weaning and she loves her food. She has always loved toys but as she can now sit up she can play even more. She now gets frustrated being left in her chair. Rather than always wanting to be with me she loves being close to her big brothers. Sometimes she just watches then and other times she joins in trying to play or babbling to them.

Sweet potato - yum yum

The biggest change came this week where we moved her out of her bedside crib and into her own room and her cot. Honestly it is a job I've been putting off partly because she is an amazing sleeper. She loves a good 10-12 hours a night and partly because I love having her so close. I keep being told by my husband that he catches us holding hands in the night when he gets up for work. But I had to face the fact she had outgrown her crib and now she can sit up it was dangerous to keep her in it any longer.

1st night at home
I have literally done everything to put off the big move to her own room. Some were totally out of my control like the delivery date being constantly changed but once it arrived I decided we needed better curtains so would wait until they arrived too. The curtains arrived Monday so Monday was spent tidying up and re arranging. Her room had been used as a bit of a dumping ground since we moved in nearly a year ago but now it is a beautiful little nursery for our little girl.

To my surprise on Monday night she went down to sleep no problems and slept all night. I think we heard one little peep from her before we went to bed but by the time we got to her she had already settled herself back to sleep. Now I wonder why was I so afraid? She has slept well for the past three nights and doesn't even seem bothered by the change. Maybe she doesn't need me as much as I thought she did.  

I think I am trying to hold on to her being a baby a little more than I should. When I had Ethan I knew he wouldn't be the last baby I had and even when we had Oscar we wanted to say he was our last but I don't think either of us were ready to say we are done. Now I have Alice I know that she will be our last baby and I'm not ready to let go just yet.

Mummy and Alice

I might not be ready to let go but Alice is ready to grow and discover new things. Her personality is growing everyday along with her awareness for everything around her. She's very nosy when we are out and loves to laugh and smile at her big brothers. She has pretty much perfected rolling and sitting up but she does get a little distracted when she spots a toy a little out of reach. She loves to play and we keep finding new toys for her to try which is a slight advantage of being the third child her big brothers have loads of good toys to try.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

We Solemnly Swear We Are Up To No Good

The boys have learnt to work together. Although I am happy they are finally playing as a team. Team work equals mischief.

Ethan and Oscar although they care for each other never really play together. When Oscar was born Ethan wasn't interested in him and instead he built an amazing bond with his Daddy. Doing jobs together fixing stuff while I looked after a newborn Oscar. This bond has continued and now Oscar is old enough to realise he is being left out and wants in.

Working with Daddy

Admiring their handy work

To Ethan Oscar is a bit of an inconvenience, he's the annoying little thing that wants to take his toys and the one he gets most angry with but he does care really. To Oscar Ethan is his world. If Oscar asks for anything from the kitchen he will always ask for one for Ethan to. He misses him when he is at nursery and is excited when we go an pick him up. Even though they will be back fighting when they both get home.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed them working together a little bit more. I think it is down to the fact that they can communicate better, Oscar is now talking a lot more and he also understands more too. This better communication can only lead to trouble.

One night last week the boys were in bed or so I thought and I was in my bedroom putting ALice down. I saw a little face appear at the door but they hadn't seen that I had seen them. They quickly disappeared on to the landing. I could hear whispering and footsteps then it all went quiet. Assuming they had gone back to bed I just left them to it. But they hadn't gone to bed they had sneaked downstairs past Daddy who was watching tv and hidden under the dining room table. I'm not sure what the next part of the plan was but they were caught as Oscar can't help but giggle when his is doing something he shouldn't.

The next thing that was a little fishy was a full box of smashed eggs on the kitchen floor. I know I left them out of Oscar's reach but I didn't leave them out of Ethan's. Ethan didn't quite admit that he had smashed the eggs so be slightly suspect a joint effort, of Ethan moving the eggs into Oscar's reach and Oscar pulling them down where they smashed.

Yesterday saw them trying to work my computer but when they couldn't work out how to get YouTube on resorted to them emptying a coin jar all over the desk instead.

Trying to work the computer

We give up we'll empty the coins instead

Bedtime sabotage was the best they have worked together yet. They sneaked out of the bunk beds as quiet as can be and were actually just playing with the toys in the bedroom. I thought they were asleep so wouldn't have checked on them until I went to bed but someone decided to tip out a whole box of toys with a giant crash. When I went in I saw Oscar sat in the middle of the floor with all the toys and no sign of Ethan, I went in every room in the house to look for him worried that he might have gone outside when I had gone to the garage to put the clothes in the dryer. I couldn't find him anywhere. I went back to the room to check and Oscar was pointing to an upside down box, this was where Ethan was hiding.

I know this is just the the start, I'm happy they are working together would love it to be them playing nicely together but I have two boys this was bound to happen at some point. Whatever they get up to I'm certain they will keep me on my toes for years to come.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sometimes I Forget He Is Only Three

My first born, my eldest child is three years old well three and a half. he goes to nursery, starts school in September, he is a big brother to two younger siblings, he's very independent and seems
more grown up than three. But I sometimes forget that he is only three.

It's Monday and Daddy is having a long weekend and we asked Ethan what he would like to do. We were expecting him to want to go to the park or ride his bike  or do jobs with Daddy (that is there 'thing' they work on Daddy's motorbike or wash the car) but no he picked painting. Even though I love crafting in my craft stash I don't have much stuff that is child friendly. So it was a trip to the shops for paints, brushes, paper and a big box of craft bits.

We were ready to craft. Unfortunately the previous weeks bugs had caught up with Daddy and I was about to paint with three children without an extra pair of hands.  I was even going to paint with Alice as I had been meaning to do hand and foot prints with her for ages.

Dining table covered in paper, boys wearing some of  Daddy's old work t-shirts as aprons and Alice stripped down to her vest. Time to let the painting commence.

Note to self a two year old does not need a pot of water to clean his paint brush he doesn't care about mixing the colours but he will quite happily tip the water out.

It was all going really well until Oscar got grumpy as he needed a nap and Alice decided to poo out of her nappy. By this time Ethan had moved on from the paints and was finding things to stick on a paper plate to make a monster. I moved from the dining room to the living room to sort out the other two. BIG MISTAKE!!!

With baby feed and toddler falling asleep watching Peppa Pig I went back to help Ethan with his monster but he had given up on the monster and painted the baby walker, the wall and my computer desk to name a few. I told him what he had done was very naughty and he helped me put all the craft stuff away. He had such a sad face and it was my fault really for leaving him unsupervised as he is only three.

Before the paint everywhere incident we had managed to get some good prints and I had a spare photo frame and set at putting them nicely in a frame. Ethan sat watching the whole time and I felt really guilty that he wasn't crafting due to my incompetence. The frame turned out better than expected.

I remembered that I had ordered some Toucan Craft boxes a while ago to do with Ethan an as everyone was sleeping and I had terrible mum guilt this was the perfect time to make one. We had a kit to make a bunch of flowers even though he needed a bit of help he seemed to enjoy making them. I just enjoyed some actual one on one time with my biggest boy. This is something I never get to do as he much prefers jobs with Daddy than doing stuff with me and I always have another small person wanting attention.

 I now realise however grown up he seems he is still a little boy. He doesn't not yet know when playing turns into something naughty and gets carried away by the excitement. He is smart, senstive and loving with a fun cheeky side but with us having his siblings quite close together he has had to grow up quickly. He will always be my little boy and my big boy. I currently have the bunch of flowers we made on my computer as a reminder that I should not forget that he is only three.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

When There Just Isn't Enough Of Mummy To Go Around

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Having more children than hands means I never quite give enough time to each of the children when your trying to sort something with one child there is nearly always another child trying to get your attention, but saying that most of the time the boys will quite happily occupy themselves while I'm sorting Alice and we plod along. Over the last week the bugs hit the Jellyfish house. Hoping that after Ethan getting ill he would be the only one poorly was wishful thinking as Oscar ended up being a lot worse that Ethan. This was the first time it was totally obvious that there wasn't enough of me for all of them.

Wednesday morning I woke up to my littlest boy climbing in bed with me with a raging temperature feeling very sorry for himself. You could just tell he wasn't quite right. So I rearranged my day I could look after him. After Ethan's projectile vomit on my rug a few days earlier I didn't fancy being out and about with a vomiting child. Calpol was our best friend and managed to keep his temperature down but he didn't really eat anything and slept most of the day. When it was time for bed I gave him some calpol and I took the bottle back to the kitchen he was sick then picked up his favourite toy and headed bed.

You always know when Oscar wants to sleep as he gets his favourite toy his Nana Elephant (its a boy elephant he named him when he was about 9 months old and the name stuck). Nana Elephant is totally disgusting its a little toy elephant that has been chewed, pulled and even been for a swim in puddles and the toilet. I have to frequently scoop him up in the washing without Oscar seeing for a quick ride in the washing machine. He also has had to be sewn back together and patches made due to his ripped pj's. Oscar does NOT sleep without Nana. If by some miracle he falls asleep without him he wakes up crying looking for him.

Nana Elephant - Pre repair
At 2am we had a little visitor to our bed Oscar and Nana Elephant. He snuggled himself in between us and by 3am he was burning up again time for more calpol. At 3.30 I'd had enough of being kicked as he tossed and turned inbetween us and thought it would be better to put him back in his own bed. As I carried Oscar and Nana down the landing the projectile vomit that we had had from Ethan a few days earlier hit Oscar. He was sick all over himself, me and Nana.

We a little help from the hubby so I didn't get sick on the carpet me and Oscar were stripped off and into the shower and the sink for Nana. I dressed Oscar and tried to clean up Nana the best I could but he was soaked. I was doing my best to towel dry him and I thought Oscar had wanted to help but instead he wrapped his little elephant up in a towel and took him to bed. He was already asleep by the time I had but new pj's on and gone to check on him.

Thursday came and it was such a nice day. Oscar was still poorly but a little better than the day before. Ethan was totally better and ready to play. He wasn't to go to the park but I couldn't really take Oscar which meant he spent most of the day frustrated. Oscar still didn't want to eat and anything he did eat didn't want to stay down. Thursday night into Friday morning might have been the time I've felt most torn.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but my husband is a HGV driver so I don't really have the opportunity to get him to help me if we have a bad night with the kids as he needs to make sure he gets enough sleep so he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. As soon as I went to be Oscar developed a strange cough but every time he coughed he cried. I got up to him a good 5 or 6 times before Alice started crying too. She is teething and it was bothering her. I spend about 4 hours swapping between being in with Oscar to being back in my own bed next to Alice (she's in a bedside crib). Hubby didn't hear a thing.

Friday came and I was grateful that Friday is a nursery day for Ethan and he had been sick free long enough to be allowed back. I hate other people looking after my kids so I can do stuff but today I was exhausted and I knew Ethan was frustrated that we couldn't do anything during the week so he was excited to go and play with his friends. He was that excited he ran into nursery without saying bye.

A day of eating junk (sorry Slimming World I synned big time) and snuggles on the sofa with a still poorly Oscar and a grumpy teething Alice were just what we needed all needed. It's a lot easier when you have have enough hands for kids but we get though it. The weekend was much easier because it was Daddy's weekend off. Yay two extra hands.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Turning 30, Weaning and Lots of Poo!

At the weekend I turned 30. It didn't exactly go to plan but anyone on maternity leave will know that maternity pay is rubbish and hardly leaves any room for anything spare. So plans got smaller and we ended up having a day at home with the kids. Hubby did spoil me the day before with a shopping trip which resulted in 5 new pairs of shoes (couldn't decide which ones I preferred and I love a bargain) and a little Primark spree as I'm currently trying to lose weight and however much I would love to buy a whole new wardrobe a few little bits to see me through until I get to where I want to be is enough for now.


Birthday celebrations came to a crashing end at 1am this morning with the arrival of the biggest Jellyfish to inform us that his bedtime pull up was full of poo. It wasn't just a bit of poo, a full pull up full of liquid poo. In trying to change him I managed to cover our entire bathroom and he managed to fill his potty with more poo. I have to say I can cope with the most disgusting explosive nappies but there is something about a potty full of poo that makes me feel totally sick. I have to say emptying a potty is my least favourite mummy duty EVER! Quick shower and back to bed for the poorly Jellyfish.

My kids are very rarely poorly, they have the odd cold and snotty nose but its very rare that they are actually sick or have the runs. The were all sick as babies as all three have suffered from reflux but its a different kind of sick to poorly sick. It totally takes me by surprise when the kids are actually poorly. I can only think of a couple of times in his nearly four year life that Ethan has been poorly. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we were over the worst of it and he'd be feeling better by the morning.

He wasn't better by the morning. He still asked for his morning milk so I thought he must be feeling slightly better. Milk was a big mistake. It came back up. He was sick all over the living room rug. YUCK! Back to the shower for the poorly one and the garden for the rug. Our house backs on to a path used by dog walkers and bet some were wondering what the hell I was doing power washing my rug.

After this he perked up and we had nothing in to eat so three kids and mummy ready for a walk to the shop for bread and milk, as the kids wanted beans and sausages on toast and bad mummy had forgotten to buy bread.

It was today that I decided would be a good day to trying Alice on some food other than baby rice or porridge. I don't know why I pick already stressful days to try things like this but this was the day. On today's menu - Sweet Potato. It will probably be what she is having for the rest of the week because we made enough of it. Half a sweet potato went into the steamer for about 15 mins then we were ready to blend. My mum picked me up a Nutribullet Baby in Morrisons sale so it was time to give it a try. With Ethan I tried making my own baby food and he refused to eat it I couldn't get it smooth enough so used jars and went straight to jars with Oscar. As we are currently eating a lot of vegetables and cooking most things from scratch I thought it might be more cost effective to make my own baby food.

Puree made it was time for the littlest Jellyfish to try Sweet Potato for the first time and she loved it. She ate a lot more than I expected her to. The puree was really smooth and she didn't gag on it like the first time I tried homemade baby food with Ethan. I made quite a big batch of Sweet Potato so she can have this for a few days and then we will try something else.