Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Awkward In Between Stage

We have reached the stage with Alice where she is very aware and no longer wants to stay still. Instead she want to sit up, play, attempt to crawl and stand up. This means she can no longer be left to occupy herself happily kicking away in her bouncy chair she wants constant attention.

If she thinks your are ignoring her or giving someone else attention - She will scream!

If she rolls on to her tummy and attempt to crawl, she will get frustrated - She will scream!

If her brothers leave the room to play somewhere else where she can't see them - She will scream!

She developing her own personality and using screaming to make sure she is heard among the chaos of the terrible two.

She has recently discovered snacks, from biscotti and rice cakes to carrot puffs. Snacks are currently working to distract her when she is being a little diva. The ultimate way to keep her happy is for the boys to pull silly faces and make her laugh but they aren't always will to participate.

Although I don't want her to grow up to quickly I think this stage is quite difficult. Maybe once she can move around a little more and be more independent she'll he happier. I think she will be very pleased to be able to follow her big brothers.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

When Did Having One Child Become More Hard Work Than Three?

Today due to me being a total idiot I ended up being locked in the house. I had left my set of house keys in my husbands car on Saturday and totally forgot about them. Today is Tuesday and I have only just realised which shows how often I leave the house. My mum arrived with my nephew and I couldn't let them in.

I did have the key for the back door but not one for the side gate. My mum decided to take the all the boys to a local soft play and leave Alice with me. I had to lift the boys over the gate to my mum so she could take them. It's not very often I'm just left with one child. Without the boys here I thought this would be the perfect time to tackle the boys room.

Alice had other idea's. She usually plays quite happily in the boys room. Not today. I always thought she just loved all the exciting toys the boys have but no it's watching the boys that she loves. Playtime didn't last very long before she was hungry.

We went back downstairs for a bottle. My mum had given me her laptop before she went to soft play to set up some crafting software so I did this while Alice was drinking. She was soon fast asleep so tried to put her in her cot. She was not happy about this either. I think she wanted to take advantage of having mummy all to herself. Even as I'm writing this she is sat on my knee playing with my cardigan.

Back to the boys room and I surrounded her with a ton of toys but she found a baby wipe packet ti keep herself amused while I tackled the boys clothes and toys. Just as the boys were due to arrive home we had a lovely nappy explosion.

Safe to say she was happier when the boys arrived home. But she is still very grumpy not sure she has quite forgiven them for leaving her behind. I was expecting an easy time just having one to look after but turns out they are like cogs that work together to keep everything running smoothly. Also Alice is teething to that will explain some of the grumpiness and the nappy explosion.