Monday, 26 June 2017

When we had to call 999

It was meant to be our time together as a family. A week together myself, my husband and our three little jellyfish. We had planned to take the kids somewhere everyday even if it was just the local park. But instead life got in the way and although we didn't get to do the things we had planned I was very grateful that daddy was home as I don't think I would have coped without him.

I finished work on the Friday and I know I had only been back at work two weeks I was ready for my two weeks off. I felt a bit rough all day but I had put it down to hayfever as my clothes had been dried on the line right next to the elder flower which my body seems to detest. As I got home it became apparent that it wasn't hayfever but a start of a cold which is just what you want when you have two weeks booked off work. I didn't want it to get in my way of spending time with my little family. It was the first full week I have spent with my husband since paternity leave and everyone knows that isn't really quality time as you are just in a blur of feeding and sleeping.

Oscar hadn't been well for about seven days so Saturday morning while hubby played golf I managed to get him a doctors appointment. Although he looked a bit better by the time I took time he still wasn't himself. I know when I usually take him to the doctors he is running around playing with all the equipment and trying to climb on the bed but not today he sat quietly and did everything that was asked of him. The conclusion was that he was suffering from a viral infection that was going round and wiping kids out for 10 days. The triage nurse was going to ring me on Monday morning to check how he was doing and we left with instructions to take him to urgent care if his temperature went over 39 degrees.

Saturday evening as part of our plan to get out more we took the kids to the park. I took Alice in her pram, Stephen had Oscar in the WeeRide at the front of his bike while towing his bike trailer behind just in case Ethan got tired on his balance bike which he did and the trailer was luckily big enough for him and his bike. It was a lovely sunny evening and it was good to get out. The kids were exhausted when we got back and pretty much fell straight asleep.

Sunday was a day of jobs mainly housework and food shopping. It was also Fathers Day and due to everyone being ill and the chaos of being back at work I managed to sort nothing for my husband off the kids (Bad Wife). Oscar had actually been the best he had been in days and had been playing outside with Ethan. Finally we thought he was on the mend. Alice had developed a bit of a cough which had got gradually worse throughout the day. When we put her to bed she kept coughing and crying in her sleep but didn't wake up. We gave her some Calpol but there was nothing more we could do.

I'd gone up to bed just before midnight and as Stephen was coming up the stairs to bed we heard footsteps and crying. Oscar was out of bed shaking, crying and generally confused. We had a mad dash round the house to find the thermometer and his temperature had reached 39.8. I called 111 who advised that if I had already been advised by a medical professional to  go to the Urgent Care Centre that was where I should go. Our nearest open urgent care centre was The Royal Preston Hospital which is around 5 miles away. I went into the boys room to grab his blanket, dressing gown and slippers only to find he had been sick in his bed. I got him to hospital at around 12:30 and we were actually seen by the A&E triage nurse. She was really good with him even though he didn't quite like her much after she pricked his finger to check his blood sugar levels. He was given ibuprofen on top of the calpol we had given him at home to bring his temperature down further as it was still quite high.

We waited back in the waiting room to see the doctor, the nurse had decided to keep us in A&E rather than sending him to the Urgent Care Centre. We got called to see the doctor around 2am by this time all the medicine had kicked in and he was back to his old self running round the waiting room. Luckily we were the only ones waiting in the children's waiting room. He was checked over by the doctor who was brillant with him she played with his while she was checking him over. I nurse then came to check all his stats and bought him and teddy bear. The nurse bandaged up the teddy bear and Oscars own toy Nana the Elephant and we were given the OK to go home with our new friend the teddy bear in tow.

Me and Oscar got home around 3:45 am. I could hear Alice was sounding quite raspy in her breathing at this point but went to bed and thought it might be a good idea to ring the doctors in the morning. I didn't wake up till around 9 and everyone else was still in bed. I'd missed the call from triage to she how Oscar was so rang the doctors to see if I could get an appointment for Alice. I had missed all the emergency appointments the next available appointment was Friday which was no good. But I did manage to get a triage phone appointment for sometime in the morning. Alice and Stephen got up. She sounded terrible, she sounded really raspy now and it seemed like it was a big effort for her to breathe. When triage called not long after 10 she advised me to call 999 as her breathing was laboured and the paramedics would be able to get to me quicker than either I could get to A&E or to the doctors surgery.

I have to say calling 999 was a little scary if I'm honest I didn't think she was poorly enough to call 999 but that is what I was advised to do so that is what I did. Within 5 mins there was a paramedic in a car at my door shortly followed by an Ambulance. There was 3 paramedics in my living room checking her over they had come to the conclusion that she was suffering from croup and it was procedure to take under 5's to hospital. So me and Alice were taken by ambulance to hospital. The paramedic that sat in the back with us kept Alice entertained by blowing her up a glove to make a hand balloon.

A&E was really busy but were seen really quickly. By 12 we had had two sets of obs done by the nurses, seen two doctors been given steroids to help the swelling in her throat (I think that's what they were for but if that is wrong I had not had much sleep and was a little confused by the whole situation), given a bear like the one Oscar had been given only a few hours earlier and been discharged from A&E into the care of the children's ward.

Alice and her bear from A&E

The children's ward was very busy and extremely hot. We were seen by the triage and given a waiting room to sit in. It was the hottest room ever and we were in there for the best part of 4 hours. Alice was actually sticking to me we were both that hot and sweaty. By the time we saw the senior nurse her cough and breathing had improved loads. The steroids had done there job and we were allowed to go home. Daddy, Ethan and Oscar picked us up. It was so good to be home couldn't believe I had been in hospital twice in less than 12 hours with two different children. By the time I left the hospital with Alice I looked and sounded more ill than she did. I could hardly speak when anyone tried to ask me anything. But that is all part of being a mum putting your children before yourself.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

I've gone back to work

I've been back at work for two weeks and although I was looking forward to adult conversation, actually using my brain and being able to contribute financially to our house again. I don't think I was ready to go back.

This is the third time I have gone back and each time has been different. With Ethan I took 10 months off work and was ready to go back I should have probably gone back sooner. When we had Oscar I took only 8 months off and it seemed right. This time the 10 months off has gone so quickly. Alice is changing so much each day and I feel like I've missed it all. She is crawling, standing and eating more.

I think what is different this time is that I had never really left Alice. Me and hubby have had one night out and family have looked after her while I had doctors/hospital appointments but she had never been with anyone else for a full day, not even daddy.

Breakfast on the last day of maternity leave

To ease the transition hubby has taken two weeks off work while I do my first two weeks so I could get her used to being with someone else rather than also throwing her into a new environment of nursery too.  Over the last two weeks I have seen an amazing bond between daddy and daughter grow. She no longer shouts 'Mama' from her cot its 'Dada' she wants. She is now daddy's best friend she never really got a look in before. If daddy was home he was hounded by the boys and she didn't get a look in.

 Daddy being at home with the kids was going well. The first week he settled into a routine and caught up on our endless washing with a bit of help from some warm windy weather ready to get out and about on his second week seen as the only time ventured out o the house on the first week was the nursery run. The second week turned out to be the week of sick with Oscar and Ethan both being poorly. This is also the week Alice was teething and stopped her usual 12 hours of sleep (please don't hate me she is the only one that has really loved sleep) for in the night playtime/screaming with daddy.

I wasn't worried about returning to work, I've done it before but I wasn't quite prepared for all the changed that had happened while I'd been off. I have had my job for over 11 years and the first time I returned to work we had moved to a different town and it didn't seem as big a change as what I went back to this time. I felt like totally the new girl, due to big changes through the company people who have been there longer than me have left, there are lots of new faces and one of me best work friends is currently on maternity leave. Although the job hasn't changed I was a little lost for the first week. Second week was easier but I feel like I'm so slow at doing my job trying to get back in the swing of things. I now have two weeks off with the kids which is much needed

Friday, 2 June 2017

My Worst Nightmare

As a mummy to two boys I think I have always expected that I will have numerous trips to A&E for play related injuries as my husband likes to frequently let me know how much time he spent there as a child. I'm not quite sure how I will cope when one of them breaks a bone (I say when because it's only a matter of time before they are comparing how many broken bones and X-rays they have had with daddy) but now I know how I cope when one on them has a head injury and that is I panic.

I was Wednesday, a nice sunny day. We had already been out and got some shopping and had some dinner. I was busy sorting out the kitchen, the boys were playing in the garden and Alice was watching me from her walker. I had already warned the boys about climbing as they had pushed the slide up to the playhouse to sit on the playhouse roof.

Then it happened, I heard the cry. Not a normal cry, not the cry when your brother steals your favourite toy but the cry that tells your baby boy is actually hurt. I ran outside to find Oscar on the concrete his had decide to put his quad bike on the back step and climb on top of it. As he looked up at me blood was pouring down his face and I panicked.

I scooped him up, put him on the sofa and tried to clean him up as best I could with a wet tea towel but the blood was still coming. I frantically tried to call hubby along with a few family members to get some advice and got through to our doctors surgery who advised me to take him straight to A&E. By this time Oscar was quite sleepy which I wasn't sure if it was down to him banging his head or that it was probably nap time.

I got Ethan to help me pack a for us to take with us to hospital. He is usually quite reluctant to help but I think he knew that he needed to help mummy today. It'd not easy trying to remember everything you need to leave he house with three little ones especially when you don't know how long you are going to be out for. Just as I was putting the pram in the car I got a call to say my brother in law was coming round to watch Ethan and Alice until hubby got home. Which was a real relief. Ethan told me to make sure I looked after Oscar at hospital.

Oscar had fallen asleep but seemed to make a miraculous recovery when his uncle turned up. Which made me feel like I had made a big drama out of it. He was back to being drowsy in the car.

We were booked in straight away at A&E which might have been something to do with Oscar still being covered in blood. He wouldn't let me clean him up and everytime he saw the blood on the tea towel he got upset. We were seen by triage very quickly. Oscar really perked up when he had somewhere new to explore.

By the time we saw the doctor he was back to his old self. The doctor was really good with him she had a lego superman torch which she let him play with while she cleaned up his wound and dressed it. His wound was dressed and we were given some head injury advice. He was luckily he only came away with a cut and probably a bug headache.

It's safe to say he gave us a big fright and I'm sure there will be more to come as he has not learnt his lesson he actually seems to be climbing more than ever now.